Detroit Vintage Wheels is a collection of real Vintage aluminum wheels from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s restored and customized and preserved to levels higher than they were sold new.  Detroit Vintage Wheels are NOT reproduction or replica. Use the bolt pattern tabs at the top of the page to sort by bolt pattern.

These are the way I like my wheels. Each set is restored and preserved one set at a time for a hot rod or classic ride that I plan to build in the next 40 years, or yours if you like what you see. If this is what your looking for, give me a call and I can put together the last set of wheels for your ride.  A timeless, unique set that you never want to change.  I am slow and expensive and do the best I can, not the cheapest. 




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Frustrated with having to choose foreign made replicas and common looking reproductions wheels flooding the market, I started restoring/preserving real vintage wheels for the cars and trucks I find and rebuild and preserve. In 2010 I decided to share this with the rest of the world and called My wheels Detroit Vintage Wheels. 

To order as set of Detroit Vintage Wheels...simply request a invoice for special orders, or give me a call and order direct with credit card:  248.890.2504. Thanks! 

Why I do this with these old wheels...
May 20, 2013 at 4:51pm
I really do not know where I am going with this but it seems the more Detroit Vintage Wheels grows the more I want to add to it. and thanks in advance so much for reading and forgiving my terrible spelling and shotty gramar...Ya know the wheels are just some of the things in life...some people spend a life with what matters...helping people...through medicine...through day care...through teaching...through care of the elderly...through banking or accounting or politics... or what ever it is that you call work. It is a pay check or a good nights sleep from giving it all we got. It is what ever it is that we do to make the bills paid. For me right now it is just wheels and services that are exchanged for money. And do the wheels mean anything? no not really. Does the money mean anything? no not really. It is just just metal. It is just paper or numbers in some untangable account. It IS what we the people bring to the table. When someone we know dies...or someone we do not even know yet is born...the wheels mean nothing. My friend lost a family member to death today and suddenly it just doenst matter. Maybe you did too...or one of your friends did. The machines my wheels...or your wheels...that once were the person who bought them 40 years ago...well the machine they go on means nothing, it is not flesh and blood. It does not miss us when we leave it alone, It is not happy when come back around to it...and yet everything is what they represent to us. They represent and trigger the memories....of the places they carried us to where we made more memories and met more people with some common thoughts or some amazing views. They mean that girl or for you ladies that boy we met when we were in them...or went on our first dates in...or kissed or a bit more in the backseat lol. We took them to games and beaches and camping...they almost always faithfully did their service and seem to gain their own persona. And the places they carried those who possesed them before us when the last thing they cared about was the metal and plastic they are...only the destination such as a hospital or a court date or a very important doctors appointment...or maybe just home...that destination was what mattered and who was at that ending point where we shut down the ignition. Because sometimes when a life is on the line...its just a heap of metal. They are not the flesh and blood that is often found to be so precious when its snapped away from us. We sell them and watch them roll away like some good old friend...or a good ridins to one that always broke down on us. And when we have one that say our dads or our moms drove and we grew up in..they became a member of the family for most of us loved nearly as much as the family pets. We even name some of them. and they seeming have faces..some smile like a VW beatle...some frown like truck with grills of big teeth. What ever it is about them...We all share the depth of the iimpact they make on our life. We remember them and when we see one again its just like seeing that long lost friend and the flood of memories come back. If there is a one of you that read this and never shed a tear over Chip's overhaulin or your own rides...well if not than your not human...or maybe your just not one of us. And so the resurection of the machine and its parts... the heart that speeds up in the anticipation and the following presentations of that machine and its parts... and the human satisfaction that comes with it all is what really means means everything. I find more honor than I ever have before being a part of these resurections and restorations. Its like nothing I ever felt realy. Most days i feel like i go to bed to where the real life must be because when i wake up i swear its a dream to be here. Now Detroit Vintage wheels is not some huge thing...its not giant business but it is mine....and I owe to everyone who wants to see the machines like I do. Not like all the new stuff...Like Frank and Mike from American Pickers and Rick's restorations.....we like old stuff and want it how it used to be. I was a kid then and most of you were driving around those memories and when i was 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 years old i watched you all drive by and said back then that is what I want. And so every time I finish a set of these 40 year old wheels and they get shipped out and I get a picture back of the machine they became a part of..the clock winds back, and I am that kid again. A most bizare response about some wheels but i come to find thankfulness not in the wheel its self...but in the human interacations. They are priceless to me really...I made a business out of it and so I accept money for the trade of the wheels and part of the memory back for my customers...and i just get to be a part of it. It is huge and I make big promises to be as good or better than you rememmber. I can only hope to meet those expectations and be a man of my word with this...or with anything. thank you all ... i have to say all this, write that I keep in in me everyday and keep the good times rolling. Thanks for Reading again.  ~scott b

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