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                                            Detroit Vintage Wheels Q&A 
QUESTION Can Detroit Vintage Wheels help my wheels?

ANSWER Yes, There are a couple of ways to get DVW wheels. First....Find your perfect set of vintage wheels that fit just how you like, call or contact below and ship them to DVW for service, and they ship back out when done!

QUESTION How do I buy the wheels show on the website?

ANSWER ​Not all the wheels are for purchase. This is a history of the different wheels DVW has restored. Many of the wheels can be ordered if you do not have your own set to send in for custom preservation.

QUESTION  How long does it take?

​ANSWER ​On average 8-13 weeks from the time they arrive at DVW. Times can be longer due to the nature of being 40+ year old parts.  All Wheels are checked to be true and straight, cleaned and checked for cracks or damage. Only good sets of wheels get a new life at Detroit Vintage Wheels. Damaged wheels or bent wheels will not be repaired or approved for service.

QUESTION. How much do DVW cost?

​ANSWER DVW does not post prices for most sets. Wheels prices vary set to set base on the initial cost and preservation options are chosen. The DVW processes use very expensive industrial CNC and powder coat equipment and processes.

Detroit Vintage Wheels are actual vintage wheels, so sizes and bolt patterns and specifications are as they were made 40 years ago.  Most wheels have about a 3.5" backspace.  Regardless of width, most vintage wheels, 15x7, 15x8.5 & 15x10 have on average 3.5" backspace it is uncommon to see more than 4" backspace on any true vintage wheels. Keep this in mind with your questions, backspace is not really "orderable". Backspace for the wheels is what they made them as 40 years ago, typically about 3.5" to 3.75", and usually no less tan 3.125" and no more than 4". There are some  options to widen wheels to gain more backspace.